Codeless One for Business Leaders

Invest in the future with Codeless ONE

Learn how companies have improved productivity by 70% by empowering employees, regardless of skill set to build business apps.

Cut costs by 80%

Reduce app development costs by empowering business users to easily create apps they have faith in. No need to rely on expensive resources and skills.

ONE unified workspace

Plan, build and use apps for all aspects of your internal operations using ONE centralized workspace.

Say no to siloes

Information is synced in real-time with Super App. Provide your team with a collaborative and efficient way of data communication.

Save 98% time

Create business applications within hours instead of months to years. Save resources where you really need them.

"By 2024, 80% of tech products and services will be built by people who are not technology professionals"
Most no code platforms are not business user friendly.
Codeless ONE embraces the
No-code, no barriers" approach.
No-code / Low-code is an essential enabler of fast-paced innovation and citizen development. However, most no-code platforms are not built for everyone because it requires robust software design and configuration capabilities to make functional and bug-free apps.
Codeless ONE can help your teams build apps effortlessly with a highly automated and non-technical user-friendly process.
Transform your business with the right no-code technology
Learn how our no-code platform can help you lead your team to be No. 1
Increase team productivity
Build 20X faster and smarter

Build a single or a cluster of apps effortlessly within hours and replace your legacy systems. Optimize and automate business processes with a super easy setup.

ONE single source of truth

Make information highly integrated and easily discoverable. Streamline the user experience and mitigate security risks with single sign-on. 

Seamless mobile experience

Access your apps with any device. Codeless ONE is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile all in one click through our auto-generation feature so that you can take your newly built app everywhere.  

Drive business growth
Collaboration boost

Encourage collaboration across internal and external teams using automated process flow and an all-in-one Super App. Stop suffering from siloes and tribalism.

Data-centric analysis

Get a comprehensive picture of your business and gain data-driven insights by running dashboards and reporting.

80% cost saving

Build as many internal apps for your organization’s needs. Don’t rely on limited and expensive off-the-shelf apps. Codeless ONE is fast, powerful, and easy!

Skyrocket your business growth by
smart digital transformation