Codeless One for citizen developers

Turn your idea to an app
in just ONE click.

Start building your app using super easy no-code technology. No coding, drag-and-drop, or software design experience required!

Easy app building

Build a modern workspace to manage all aspects of your business effortlessly.

Integrated workflow

Synchronize information in real-time and boost workflow collaboration all under ONE platform. 

Pre-built apps

Begin with our pre-built business applications from a variety of business domains in the App Library. 

Time to market

Create business apps within minutes instead of months and years. No dependency on limited IT resources.

Start creating fully functional apps

with the most user-friendly codeless platform for citizen developers.

“No code, no barriers” –
the future of workspace development
Citizen development is the future of digital transformation. Empower everyone on the team, regardless of their skill sets to create powerful apps to manage tasks, processes, and workflows at scale.
How does Codeless ONE empower Citizen developers?
It is simple, intuitive, yet powerful
App creation made simple
ONE-CLICK app generation vs drag and drop approach

Create apps effortlessly based on business objects in mind. Your app is created in smart ONE click instead of drag and drop approach, which requires more time and strong software design experience.

Desktop, tablet & mobile ready

Generate desktop, tablet and mobile ready applications all in one click. Access your apps easily with ONE platform everywhere you go.  


Plan, build and use your app in ONE workspace. Integrate and automate your workflow with Codeless ONE and keep your team connected.

Diverse pre-built solutions to choose from
Choose from a variety of pre-built applications from the App Library.
Generate and start using the app in just ONE click

Innovation begins here with Codeless ONE