Codeless ONE vs No-Code

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Create your app using smart generation without tedious drag and drop. Codeless ONE is the next big move in app development.
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The Codeless ONE Approach to
Modern Application Development
We understand the huge demand for custom business apps and the shortage of IT resources.
Here's how Codeless ONE could help.

Traditional no code

Codeless ONE

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Automated Information Flow

Super App

Marketing A $1,200 opportunity is qualifie. Drag and drop of various components require complex logic to configure
Fully automated process with one click application generation Less customization allows for simple app creation Requires preview check and bug fixing before publishing applications
Number of users Number of users Number of users & number of apps
Fully customize over 30+ ready-to-use applications in various domains with easy customizations Cannot customize premade solutions to meet simi-complex business requirements Fully customize templates, changes alter complex logic and needs to be configured to be error-free
Organizational level, mid technical capabilities and business user friendly Department level, low technical capabilities and business user friendly Organizational level, complex technical capabilities and training required
Secure environment that meets security compliance Secure environment that meets security compliance Secure environment that meets security compliance

What’s Codeless ONE all about?

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Codeless ONE is built to empower people with or without IT background to build business applications fast and fearlessly with “no code, no barriers” approach. Using the smart one-click app generation, your app can be ready within minutes. Plus, we support easy customizations and you can have full control to finetune or build complex apps.

See how people achieve success through Codeless ONE
business leader discussing about no code app development platform
Business Users
Inspire innovation and empower your teams with Codeless ONE. No coding or software design skills required.
citizen developers built app without coding
Citizen Developers
Create apps rapidly using Codeless ONE. No drag and drop required.
IT experts use no code platform
IT Experts
Streamline the app development process all within Codeless ONE. Manage agile requirements, integration, workflow, and security.

The most intuitive and joyful
way to create applications