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If you spend most of your time working on projects, it is natural that you want to keep track of them all the time. It’s much more convenient to have everything organized than to review each document individually.  

Fortunately, project management software solutions available today can help you keep track of all the different tasks that come up during a project. They also provide other useful features such as task management, collaboration tools, Gantt chart visual representation, etc. This blog post will discuss essential features you should consider when choosing a project management software solution for your company or organization. 

project management software

We will begin our discussion of what makes good project management software by identifying the must-have features of any such software.

Projects & tasks:

The first thing you want to do when starting your project management journey is to create a project structure and organize your projects and tasks. It isn’t easy to manage anything if you don’t know where to start.

Goals & objectives:

You will also want to set and track goals and objectives at each stage of the project life cycle. You can also use project management software to create goals and objectives for your business.

Resource management:

 It’s easier to manage projects if you have a clear picture of the resources required to complete them. Project management software helps you manage the schedule, costs and resources.

Help empower teams:

Project management software should help empower teams by providing them with a clear vision of the end state and the tasks needed to get there. It should also enable them to plan the work and track progress efficiently. Project management software should be able to seamlessly connect different teams and resources to create a single, centralized platform that all can access. It can be done through various communication channels such as email, management portal, project calendar, etc.

Easy access to information and analytics:

Project management software lets you see all information related to projects, resources and tasks in one place. For example, you can see the status of tasks, the progress, the due dates and the resources required to complete them. You can also create reports and dashboards to keep an eye on what’s happening in your organization. You might consider using project management software with a collaboration feature to ensure your team members have access to all this information.

Collaboration tools:

Project management software should be able to facilitate communication among team members and managers while keeping information confidential. Therefore, it should offer essential functions such as sharing documents, tracking activity and comments, etc. In addition, it may have advanced features such as a virtual meeting tool, audio/video calling, etc., for conducting meetings and assigning tasks, resolving issues, etc

Bottom line:

When looking for a project management solution, one should remember that the software will be a critical part of the business operation. To have a successful project management system, customized software can be built using a no-code technology like Codeless ONE. However, it would be best if you also had a business that understands the need for consistent, real-time project management. This article provides an overview of the critical features of project management software. In addition, we explore how these features can help empower teams, easy access to information and analytics, and collaboration tools.

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5 major benefits of no-code app development:


App development was usually associated with IT professionals. In the past, non-technical individuals communicated their requirements to the software developers and had no knowledge of building apps which was acting as a barrier.

No Code platforms have broken the wall between technical and no technical professionals and everyone can build apps quickly. With Codeless ONE, business applications can be made in just a few minutes, without coding.

Time to Market

No Code platforms have bridged the space between a concept and practical application. Users can design, launch and scale apps within hours, which helps them save the most valuable asset, i.e. time.

To further speed up the app-building process, Codeless ONE offers a rich selection of pre-built solutions that are ready to use and can be customized easily as per requirement.

Cost Effective

Getting apps developed by professional programmers can make a dent in the pockets of business owners. 

The lack of availability of software developers has added to the challenge and resulted in a significant increase in the cost. Hence organizations are finding no code more cost-effective as it can be used by non-programmers.


The ability to customize applications as per requirement independently adds to the list of reasons for using no code. 

All platforms provide a different level of flexibility, however, apps built in Codeless ONE can be customized easily using simple and fast business logic. There is no need for coding or advanced technical skills.


Building an app using codeless technology aids in better collaboration amongst teams. 

This reduces the communication gap, and team members belonging to different technical and non-tech verticals can come along to develop an app that aligns with the goal of the entire organization rather than just one vertical. 

Super app from Codeless ONE enhances transparency and collaboration.

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The Road Ahead:

In early 2021, Gartner released a new forecast for low-code/no-code development tools. It says that “on average, 41% of employees outside of IT – or business technologists – customize or build data or technology solutions. Gartner predicts that half of all new low-code clients will come from business buyers that are outside the IT organization by year-end 2025”

A vast majority of companies have already switched to no code/low code, and the following factors are fueling the growth of this technology:

Scarcity of developers

Considering the growing demand for software and apps around the globe, the supply-demand gap has been widening and will get wider in the coming years. As a result, organizations are already working on training and hiring citizen developers to meet the demands of the future.

Demand for Automation

More and more businesses are automating their tasks because of its benefits like enhanced user experience and faster decision-making. Organizations are aiming to amplify automation and hyper-automation, which is impossible without citizen developers. Optimizing and automating workflows ensures consistency.

Who can use no-code?

No Code technology makes the process of business automation and app development effortless. It can be used by any professional across different industries and functions.

These non-technical users who use no code technology for app making are commonly known as citizen developers. This is because citizen developers are the ones who have a better understanding of the end goal, as they are involved in the day-to-day activity. Furthermore, as citizen developers are the end users, they can customize apps as per their needs.

Enterprises are encouraging functional heads and business managers to develop software on their own using no-code platforms. Codeless ONE makes the app development process much easier.

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