Codeless One for IT Teams

App building made easy.
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Automate your app development process. Extend, test, and deploy world-class applications.
Upgrade to a new app development era
See what are the key benefits of codeless rapid app development
super app
Build with objects in mind
No more tedious lines of coding with our one-click smart app generation. Just define business objects and generate your app in minutes. Plus, you can always edit and customize your app using rich configurations in component-based architecture.
Many apps, ONE platform
Create an eco-system of interconnected apps to break through data siloes and increase digital productivity. Stay connected with your team through Super Apps. 
How does Codeless ONE empower IT experts?
Use our no-code technology to build applications even faster
component-based architecture
Combine and reuse a rich selection of components to save time from building apps from scratch
Easy App generation
Generate your app in one click. Then easy finetune with state-of-the-art design. Avoid tedious drag-and-drop.
Feedback Loop
Communicate requirements and provide feedback with our embedded feedback tool.
Advanced Mode
Need to build more complex apps?
No problem! You can turn on the Advanced Mode to build with precision. No coding required.
Multiple app instances
Leverage testing and production instances to build, update, and release applications without disruption.
Rapid prototyping
Desktop, tablet, and mobile apps are generated with one click auto generation. No extra development for mobile support is required.

A leaner and simplified way of working