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Break down data silos by managing your daily operation with interconnected apps in ONE workspace
Stop suffering from collaboration issues
Break down information and data silos. Super easy setup.
Data Sync
Cross-functional collaboration in ONE workspace
Build interconnected apps with your diverse teams. Your information and workflow is connected and synchronized automatically. Stay connected with notifications so you won't miss important tasks.
Centralized data management
Manage your team’s daily operation in a single source of truth with connected apps. Eliminate data siloes and data fragmentation.
one workspace
App in one click
Surprisingly easy & fast
Intuitive Super App setup. No coding, no drag-and-drop, no integration needed. Integrate your applications in one Super App !
Single sign-on & dedicated roles
With SSO, your teams can use just one set of login credentials to conveniently access all their apps. Plus, each member can have their dedicated access roles and rights.

Frequently asked questions about Super App

Super App is a centralized app ecosystem. Instead of having multiple fragmented apps, your teams can operate on a collection of applications centered around a core digital platform that drives collaboration and communication.

All sizes of organization!

For small to medium sized businesses, you can run many aspects of your business in one centralized platform. Daily activities including sales and customer management, marketing, human resources, and support can all be managed in an extreme efficient, consistent, and collaborative manner.

For large organizations, you can easily create, customize, and use multiple Super Apps to align all departments to work together. Integrate your Super Apps with all other systems you are using and automate business workflows and processes. 

We offer multiple ways to help migrate your data from your legacy systems, other apps, or spreadsheet to Codeless ONE. Check out our data migration import tool, simply import your existing spreadsheets and let Alice, your AI assistant map your data for you while you sit back and relax!

For sure! Even as a business user, you can build a Super App for your organization effortlessly without any technical background. All you need is to bring your business expertise and focus on your business logics – which teams you want to get onboard, how many apps you need, what are the shared objects across apps, who need what access rights.

Super App is much cheaper than using multiple off-the-shelf applications. With Codeless ONE, you can build as many apps without having to paying extra. As your business grows and scales, your apps adapt to your needs and there is no extra costs involved.

Plus, compared with full-stack application development or other pricy codeless system, you are looking at up to 95% cost savings.

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