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Codeless ONE enables real Citizen Development. Powerful, yet simple to use.

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Why are companies investing in codeless platforms?

Organizations are re-thinking their app development strategy with codeless platforms. Provide your team the resources needed to create custom business solutions with minimal effort.

Improved Speed-To-Market
Greater Business Agility
Increase in Productivity
Cost savings

The Codeless ONE Difference

Codeless ONE
Ease of use Build fully functional apps in minutes to hours with easy process and minimal efforts Select a variety of very simple solutions restricted to the same layout structure Drag and drop of various components requires complex logic to configure
App Deployment Fully automated process with one-click app generation Less customization allows for simple app creation Requires preview check before publishing apps
Pricing Number of users Number of users Number of users & number of apps
App Template Customization Fully customize over 20+ ready-to-use apps in various domains with easy configurations Cannot customize premade solutions to meet simi-complex business requirements Fully customize templates, changes alter complex logic and needs to be configured to be error-free
Target User Organizational level, mid technical capabilities and business user friendly Department level, low technical capabilities and business user friendly Organizational level, complex technical capabilities and training required
Intuitive AI Assistance
Security Compliance & Governance Secure environment that meets security compliance Secure environment that meets security compliance Secure environment that meets security compliance
one click app screen

One-click smart app generation

Eliminate the traditional development process overhead and start using your full functional apps rapidly.

super app

Centralize business solutions into ONE Super App

Create a single Super App that allows cross-functional collaboration with a cluster of connected app portals under one roof.

business user friendly

100% No code & business user friendly experience

No coding and no software design experience required. Eliminate barriers, and allow innovation to flourish across your organization.

transform spreadsheets

Easily transform spreadsheets into modern apps

Get onboard with our easy-to-use data import tool. Simply upload your spreadsheet and we’ll create your application in minutes.

You're probably thinking...

Codeless ONE is an intuitive no-code platform where non-technical users can easily create, customize, and use business applications in all domains including CRM, Project Management, Marketing, Human Resources, IT management and many more. We’ve made your app making experience very easy. The entire process is highly automated and user-friendly which means no single line of coding and software design experience is required.

Drag-and-drop no codeless software development is a good reform to replace the traditional full-stack development. However, it requires user to have a strong software design and app configurations skills. Also, drop-and-drag is a tedious and time consuming process. In Codeless ONE, our application is generated in one click of a button with different layout choices. Then you can easily finetune the app with quick configurations.

Replace your legacy systems with Codeless ONE apps so that you can easily build or customize business processes and automation workflows to satisfy your unique business objects. You can use our ready-made apps or create your own from scratch effortlessly. Plus, migrating your data from a spreadsheet to Codeless ONE is extremely easy and fast through our data importing tool.

If you’re experiencing data siloes, you will face operation efficiency and collaboration challenges. With Codeless ONE, you can easily build interconnected apps under one Super App umbrella. Facilitate better data sharing in real-time for your diverse teams. Easy setup, no coding, no tedious app or integration settings.

Empower everyone on your team

business leader discussing about no code app development platform
Business Users
Inspire innovation and empower your teams with Codeless ONE. No coding or software design skills required.
citizen developers built app without coding
Citizen Developers
Create apps rapidly using Codeless ONE. No drag and drop required.
IT experts use no code platform
IT Experts
Streamline the app development process all within Codeless ONE. Manage agile requirements, integration, workflow, and security.

Create business apps with ease and joy